Joy Tiny Chubby BJD Pre-Order Nearly Sold Out!

Current BJD Pre-Orders

Bo offers dolls as Basic BJD's blank for hobbyists and other BJD artists who do not sculpt their own dolls to paint and costume to create their own art on Bo's original canvasses.  BJD's are also sold with Faces Painted (Face Ups) or as Seamstress Specials during Pre-Orders.

Seamstress Specials arrive with painted faces, in panties with random wigs and eyes ready to be costumed.  

BJD's (Ball Jointed Dolls) are a hobby/collectible which are often sold on pre-order by most artist worldwide.  Meaning you order and the doll ships about 4-6 months later because the creation of a BJD is a complex, time consuming and involved process. Pre-ordering allows artists like Bo to offer the best prices on these high quality unique original dolls.

Collectors benefit from the best prices on Bo Bergemann Dolls on pre-order. 

Many Bo Bergemann Dolls sell out entirely on pre-order and are never offered for sale once the order comes in because they have all already been sold out.

The only place online to obtain a legitimate Bo Bergemann BJD or completed artist doll by Bo Bergemann is this website.

Ordering directly from Bo Bergemann here on this website on Pre-Order is the best way to get the best price on her work.  Bo also runs deals concurrent with shows and conventions or holidays here on this website.  Bo ships worldwide.