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Ball Jointed Dolls

Ball Jointed Dolls or BJD's for short are resin dolls created with many joints to allow the doll to express realistic body language.  BJD's originated in Asia as skilled craftsmen and artists took the basic shoulder and hip jointing of antique dolls which travelled from Europe to Asia generations ago, and advanced the art and science to create dolls which could express realistic body language.  Most BJD's also have removable and changeable eyes and wigs for further creativity.  

Bo Bergemann was one of the first in the world and the first in the West to get her dolls standing, posing and balancing and holding things well.  Others saw the benefits and followed suit.  Bo's original BJD's are used by both artist's and hobbyists all over the world in addition to Bo using them herself to create her own original fine art dolls.

Most of what Bo offers are BJD's.  She has created most every type of doll made in her lifetime but now prefers BJD's and only occasionally makes and offers anything else such as her current Baby Blossoms.

Others use Bo Bergemann blank basic BJD's painting and costuming themselves to express their own creativity and artistic visions.  Bo sells the blank castings of some of her sculpts, or castings with Face Up (a BJD hobby term denoting face painting) and as Seamstress Specials (Bo's creation where the doll's face is painted, eyes set, wig on and panties so it is ready for a creative Seamstress to costume or someone who plays with and changes their BJD's often making photo stories or just for fun).  

BJD's are a trending hobby the world over now.  Others take these canvasses in various stages and create their own original dolls and artwork from Bo's original sculpts.  

This opportunity for others has it's frustrations for Bo when people sell her dolls online which they bought blank and basic then painted and costumed themself and then do not clearly say so in the listing on other sites and auction sites online but rather simply attribute the doll to Bo.  Bo should be attributed with the basic blank BJD (original sculpt casting only).  To avoid this issue, if you are looking for a completed doll, simply buy a completed artist doll by Bo Bergemann here on this website only.  Then you will know it is truly a Bo Bergemann Original Fine Art Doll.  Bo's work is always high quality with attention to the finest details.

However, if you are a hobbyist or artist looking for an exquisite and beautiful canvass on which to create your own doll vision, then Bo is happy to supply you with basic BJD's to do so.  Just please clearly credit Bo with the sculpt only and credit yourself with the painting and costuming, or say unknown if you do not know who painted and/or costumed a doll you are reselling online.  

Some of Bo's original sculpts are never sold as basic BJD's because she reserves those for her own finished original fine art dolls only.  Which is why so many of Bo's dolls are NOT plagerized online.  Bo happily supports her collectors answering questions and doing what it takes to make sure her original fine art dolls become treasured family heirlooms.