Prissy (Priscilla) is an intelligent beauty. She has her eyes wide open and asks the most precocious of questions. Never make the mistake of thinking she is not listening because she is hearing and seeing all!
Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (38)
This beauty playing Alice is sold but at this time and for just a little while longer she can be purchased as a completed artist doll custom made just for you by Bo or as a blank BJD ready for you to complete or with a face up ready for you to costume. She comes in Brown Sugar, Pink Sugar, Antique White and Shimmer Resin Tones. For quite a variety of possibilities. She will share clothing and shoes with many other dolls of similar size and type easily. So she is a ton of fun to play with. Order yours below today!
Tagalong Treats by Bo Bergemann (27)