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Belle of the Ball by Bo Bergemann
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Beauty Celebrates by Bo Bergemann
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Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (12)
Butterflies and Ballgowns by Bo Bergemann
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (5)
is my brand new 2017 Collection debuting at the International Doll & Teddy Show in Asheville, NC!
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (18)
More photos below. Check out my FB or instagram for more info. and updates from the show floor.
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (9)
Contact me anytime at for more information on any of my debut offerings. Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (13)Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (20)

Brand New 13" Original Fine Art Doll BJD's

The most exciting debut will be my brand new 13" Friends & Family dolls.
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (30)
Very exciting new dolls that can actually communicate!
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (27)
Relationship is such an important part of doll collecting.
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (26) 2
These are original fine art dolls with easily interchangeable hands that allow them to use American Sign Language! They will come with 8 sets of hands. One is fixed in case you want to use them without interchangeable hands. The others are all interchangeable so they can say Friends & Family are important, Mom, Dad, Class, Cat, Fine, Cool. Have, I Love You and more. Additional hand sets will be made available in time to add to their vocabulary.
Original Fine Art Doll by Bo Bergemann (29)
For those of you who do not yet know, my beloved daughter, Ambriel (known by many as Bree) is deaf. This is a pivotal time in her life because we found a very special educational opportunity for her. This opportunity has changed our lives pretty radically, because now she and I have spent more than half our time this year so far in California. This means I've had to set up a second mini-studio in California.To put it mildly, this has been one of the most demanding years of my life thus far.
Yet, out of life's challenges, often come some of it's biggest blessings as well. Since my life is always the inspiration for my art, I'm excited to share these adorable beauties. They are similar in size to Effner 13" Darling Dolls and Fairyland Little Fee, which means there is an abundance of clothing, wigs, shoes readily available for them online. They are the perfect size to be easy to manage and handle, dress and undress - especially with removable hands!
They are fully pose-able, stand, sit and balance well as all my fine art BJD's always are!
This is all I have time to share now! Hope to see you all at ID&TS next weekend!